Fabricated with the use of latest technology and is suitable for different Solar Power Applications. Our DCDB and ACDB is properly tested by the experts under strict industry norms to guarantee flawless functioning and durability.

Smart Tree System

A Structure incorporating Solar Energy Technology on a single piller,link a tree trunk.It may be a solar artwork or functional power generator. AEPL offers customizable Solar smart tree design with the latest technology.our smart tree may need 100 times less space to produce the same amount os energy as a horizontal solar plant.

Solar Lantern / Home Lighting

AEPL not only aim about innovation and technology,we also emphasia upon our mother earth and thus provide solar lantern shifting form kerosene based lamps and lantern.

Solar Street Lighting System

Alien Energy Private Limited (AEPL) Solar Street lighting System provides a Streamline Solution For Community lighting providing lights in Country’s both rural and urban areas.

Popular Services

Solar System Operation & Maintenance
Smart LED Lighting System
Solar Water Pumping System